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4 Important Questions You Should Ask a Bail Bonds Company

We understand. Really, we do. We’ve been in the bail bonds business for enough years that we know just how distressing it can be for a family member or loved one to be arrested. So we get that its hard to take your time, doing your due diligence when it comes to hiring the bail bonds company; when emotions are so high and time is of the essence. But, with that being said, it is imperative that you don’t jump at the first offer of bond that you receive, and take some time making the right decision. These four questions will help you save time by weeding out those bond agents that aren’t right for your situation.

  1. Are you licensed and what is your license number? In Florida, bail bond agents are required to be licensed. Find out the pertinent information of the company and agent you are considering and check their standings with the governing board and licensing agency. Check for complaints and reviews against them.

  2. Can you explain the bail process to me? Any bail bondsman worth his salt, should be experienced enough to know the process and be able to clearly and concisely explain it to you. If your bond agent chooses for whatever reason to leave you in the dark, move on and find one that is willing to be more helpful.

  3. How fast can you get me (or my family member) out of jail? Bond agents have very little control in when a detainee is actually released. Though they can process their paperwork and procedures as quick as possible, it is still up to the jail on when they release defendants. An honest agent will explain the process to you but will refrain from giving you an exact time. Be wary of those that do; it’s likely they are just working to close the deal.

  4. What percentage of the bail do I need to pay for a bond? Most reputable, honest bail bond companies will charge about 10% of the set bail. It is a red flag in the industry when a bond agent is quick to offer a potential client a five percent deal. They are simply looking for a way to get you to sign a contract, where the fee is very likely to be increased afterwards. Be very wary of any company that doesn’t stick to industry standards.

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