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Bail Bonds Process

When someone is arrested, it can be quite a traumatic experience for not only the suspect but everyone involved. If you are going to post a bond for someone who has been detained by the police, understanding the arrest process and bonding procedures will go a long way to help mitigate stress. First, in order to comply with the suspect's legal and constitutional rights, police must follow certain legal procedures during and after the actual arrest. Someone is considered under arrest when police initially take an individual into custody and are complete when the suspect is no longer free to walk away from the arresting officer.

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After the arrest occurs, you will be brought to jail and the booking process will begin. You will not be able to post a bond for someone who has yet to be booked. Keep in mind that the booking process usually takes 1-3hours but can be as long as 12 hours or more depending on the circumstances of your arrest, the volume of suspects in intake, or even someone's corporation with the officers during booking (Note: Officers require a sobering period for someone arrested for a DUI).

During booking the police will take a photograph, fingerprints, and ask basic information about the suspect such as their name, address, birthdate, etc. They may even be asked to provide a handwriting sample or participate in a line-up if the charges warrant such an action. As you try to begin the process of bonding, someone, out of jail understand that patience is needed and a bail bondsman has no control over when a suspect is booked.

Once the individual is arrested and booked, they will be held in jail until his or her first court appearance. Fear not, as most arrest charges will include conditions for bond and a bond amount. Bond, which is also known as bail, is a cash amount paid to the court so an individual can be released from jail to await their first court date. A bond is an agreement between the court, the defendant, and possibly a bails bondsman that the detained will attend all future court dates. The agreement is secured by the payment of cash or through a bail bondsman’s guarantee of payment. The court holds this money until the case is disposed of or when the court orders the bond money released. In certain cases, the court can take fees from this amount before refunding it.

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Once the amount and conditions of bond are given by the judge, you can choose to pay the full amount to the court directly or work with a bonds company to get the accused released from jail. If you are unable to or won’t pay the full amount of the bond then you will need to contact a bail bond company. Instead of paying the full amount, you will have to pay ten percent of the total bond and the bondsman will pay the rest to the court. Once the bond is secured the individual will be released from jail under the conditions of the bond. If the accused fails to honor the conditions of the bond and does not show up to their court dates you will lose the amount you paid or the property signed over for the bond, and a warrant is likely to be issued for their re-arrest.

Understanding the bond process and working with an experienced bonds company will help make your bond release process easier to navigate. 2 Guns Fancy Bail Bonds can guide you through the forms you need to fill out and what to expect throughout the entirety of the process. Contact 2 Guns Fancy Bail Bonds today!

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