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I have a bench warrant in my name. What do I do?

I have a bench warrant in Broward. What do I do?

If you’ve confirmed a bench warrant has been issued for you, and you want to avoid being arrested by police, you need to take action. You have three options:

  • Call your local Bail Bondsman to prepare bail if needed

  • Contact the judge’s office or clerk to request a hearing to dispute the warrant

  • Contact a defense attorney to help you lift the warrant

  • Turn yourself in at the police department to wait for bail and/or a hearing

Of these three choices, the easiest and safest way is to hire an attorney. A good defense lawyer will be able to give you advice on what your best options are, based on your individual situation. He or she will contact the court and might be able to negotiate to get the warrant canceled. If your lawyer can’t get the warrant dismissed right away, they can make arrangements for you to appear at a new hearing without the risk of getting arrested first. You will need to show up at that hearing, either on your own or with your attorney, to have the bench warrant lifted.

If you do nothing and come in contact with law enforcement, they have the authority to arrest you immediately. You’ll be taken to jail where you must post bail to be released and be given a new court date. If you can’t pay the bail amount, or the judge thinks you won’t appear again and refuses to offer bail, you’ll have to stay in custody until the new hearing.

You don’t have to try to take care of a bench warrant on your own, nor should you. A competent lawyer will know all the details about bench warrants in Florida state. They will be able to help you navigate the legal system with the least amount of pain and trouble, and give you the information you need to know to handle a bench warrant situation. A defense attorney can also deal with other charges or problems with the law you may be facing.

Having a bench warrant issued for you in Florida can be a scary position to be in. Don’t panic, and don’t ignore it, hoping it will disappear. It won’t. And in a short amount of time, the simple problem of a warrant will spiral into a complicated, costly, and embarrassing ordeal. A bench warrant has to be dealt with, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. If you’ve discovered you have a bench warrant in your name, contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible. They are your best bet to avoid getting arrested. Make sure to appear at all future hearings or court dates. Meet all the requirements given to you by the court system, and soon the threat of a bench warrant will be long gone.

Call us at (954) 665-8625 right now and let us take care of everything else while you wait comfortably at home until your court date arrives!


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