Bail Bonds Near Me, Your Local Neighborhood Bondsman

September 18, 2019

Bail Bonds Near Me, Your Local Neighborhood Bondsman


Hello South Florida, this is Pierre with the Institute of web design. I have the pleasure today of being with Mr. Estrada from two guns fancy bail bonds. So Mr. Estrada and I'm sure that uh, our view is out there with would like to know a little bit more about the bail bonds process. I guess one, why did you need a bail bonds and how does that process work?

Well, Peter, thank you so much for coming today. Uh, I am a strata the bail bondsman in Broward County. I am the owner of two guns funds evil bonds, uh, located in Broward County. My yard is a six, two, two, five Johnson street, Hollywood, Florida. So basically, um, people see on the treats, bailed on signs everywhere and they, you know, they don't know what it is until they actually needed. Right. And then, uh, you know, people are not planning on going to jail, but they have been say could happen to anybody. You don't need to be actually a bad guy. It's just one of those days.

The other, the people who are suing people with, just people who get in trouble,

like can be anybody, can be locked or can be lawyers, can be, you know, even a police officer can, you know, it's just one of those things. So basically what happened is after somebody get arrested, the, uh, the law says they will, uh, sellable for the persons who get risk release so they can continue their life because now obviously they have jobs and they have families at home and uh, they will set the bones for them to go home until the court dates and places when we come in place.

So, eh, let's say use a scenario, I got my, my little brother, you know, he likes to go down to South beach all the time. Party, right? So let's say he's down in South beach and he gets pulled over and gets arrested for a DUI and they call me up, say, Hey, I, you know, I'm in jail, get me out. So what's the first thing that I do? So I would give you a call, right?

Yeah. Well not necessarily me, but somebody, somebody like me. You. So basically you will look to, you look along and it's very important. You will not go somebody that is near you. Okay. Not necessarily. You need to call somebody that is beside the Gail because I know maybe you have somebody that is supposed to been right around your corner. So they send you Lou, which is a just Googling your phone, doing the computer, right, the new year's bill months. And then give them a call and obviously take a look at his website they can look at, you can use use to make sure the business is legit and is in Boston so you can use,

yeah, I guess like any industry, there's a lot of people out there that maybe aren't as routes, right?

So you want to have a good possible because this person is going to be dealing with you for a while. So you want to have somebody that you can call them anytime you have a questions and, and you know, to be able to help you out. Okay. As Damien was called AIDS and you know, anything you need to know. So, okay.

Like a advocate, Right? Okay. So once I call you four, my brother is in the geo as an example. And then you get involved. How long does it take for him to get out of jail? How long does that take?

So the, this is how it works. So then you will have to come and see me cause we had to fill out some paperwork. Okay. Conform to their contracts with the insurance company. So then how to fill out that. A lot of big awards and uh, after that, after the money's paid and then thing is on the boss don't have to go to the jail and gave the jail. The actual bones. Bones are electronic checks. [inaudible] money in the form of a paper. Okay. After you get the jail, this documents, it takes about from four to eight hours for the inmate together, this, the person gets released to go home and live that, you know, all over again.

Pretty much. Now you say they have to pay. So I know each bond is different, I guess based on the crime. Right? But how much do I have to pay you? Like, yes.

Wow. Anywhere in United States you pay the 10% or 10% okay. It's the 10%. Now forms can go up and down depending on the crime. Right. And also the County I live in the States you say to a different [inaudible] they have different schedules. Okay. They come County has a different schedule, but our has a different one than what's on each have one. So, okay. Maybe a DUI here it can be $500 maybe the UI was four minutes, can be 2000 books. So we saw the paint. Okay.

Excellent. Excellent. Well I think that gives me a pretty good understanding. Anything else you would like to tell us about bail bonds or we should know or,

yes. I just want to let you know this is a 24 seven business for second. So anytime somebody goes to jail, just use, feel free to call your boss, man. I mean this is a business. It's always there for you. Uh, you know, you can call us anytime day or night and you can find us on the website. We can find us in Google, you can find us on Facebook. My yard is six two, two five Johnson Creek calling with Florida local bondsman. I am actually, you want to be, if you even own no credits, most most people, they are uh, located by the jail. But I like to be enabled with, okay,

so the local neighborhood [inaudible] so if we want to call you, what number

can we, there's going to be 954-665- 8625 two guns. Fancy bail bons.

And you've talked about that website. Do you get, what's the website inference?

The website that it's going to be Okay.

Excellent. All right. Thank you Eric. Thank you. Hopefully that explains anybody to build bonds, process. Hope we never need you. But if we do [inaudible] give me a call.

954-665- 8625 two guns. Fancy but last. Thank you. Thank you so much

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